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Boston Bruins parent company trademarked Yosemite National park, Space Shuttle Atlantis

Jeremy Jacobs is the real-life Mr. Burns.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Boston Bruins are owned by Jeremy Jacobs, as well all know. Jeremy Jacobs also owns Delaware North, which runs concessions at TD Garden. Delaware North also owns TD Garden itself, and so Jacobs gets to cook books a little by renting space from himself. Delaware North is a huge company that runs concessions, gambling machines, racetracks, and hotels all over the world. They recently lost a contract bid for continuing to run those things in Yosemite National Park, and now they're playing hardball.

As it turns out, Delaware North filed for the trademarks for the names of all of the hotels, ski areas, stores, and other attractions at Yosemite National park. When they lost the contract, they started up a trademark dispute with the National Park service. As a result of the dispute still going on, Yosemite National Park is changing the names of all of it's locations for the time being:

The Yosemite Lodge at the Falls will turn into Yosemite Valley Lodge; Wawona Hotel will become Big Trees Lodge; and Badger Pass Ski Area will be called Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area.

Yosemite national park – another name that is also claimed by Delaware North and remains in dispute – will stay put, Gediman said.

Jeremy "literally Mr. Burns in real life" Jacobs' company isn't the only one to pull this sort of dirty trick. Last year, Xanterra corporation dropped an attempt to pull the same bullshit maneuver at Grand Canyon national park. Delaware North also owns a trademark for "Space Shuttle Atlantis" as part of their operations of the Kennedy Space Center, although they claim that they would hand that trademark over if they were to lose that contract in the future.

No word on whether they've trademarked the air we breathe at TD Garden. Maybe that's after the next lockout.