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Buffalo Stance

Two points would really help in a tight standings race

Two treats in one picture: Miro Satan in an olde tymey Buffalo Slugs sweater.
Two treats in one picture: Miro Satan in an olde tymey Buffalo Slugs sweater.
Craig Melvin/Getty Images

Tonight the Bruins visit the Sabres, 7:00PM.

  • Don't Panic! Brad Marchand is firm in his belief that the Bruins will turn this funk around to fun again. Don't think too hard about the Sabres' last visit to Boston.[TheBostonGlobe]

  • Remember how much the Bruins missed David Krejci last year? Deja vu...[WEEI]

  • So the Bruins seem to be able to vault into the lead, but then something goes awry in the third period. What gives, and what may save their bacon?[Hockeybuzz]

  • Don Sweeney is taking a cold, hard look at his team, and who would be shocked to see him make a bold, unpopular move?[BostonHerald]

  • Time for reflection at the halfway point for the Providence Bruins as well. Bonus: Kind words for Jerry York, the Boston College coach poised to achieve his 1000th win.[ProvidenceJournal]

  • What to do about Loui Eriksson: Is he poised to be this year's Carl Soderberg?[TheHockeyWriters]

  • Bruins prospect defenseman Rob O'Gara is logging big minutes for Yale, and his mental game is as sharp as his on-ice skills.[NHRegister]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • On this day in 1919, eleven Bostonians died in a sea of molasses.[@BotonTweet]

  • In other local news, one Canton, MA high school hockey team manager scored big time![BarDown]

  • Keep an eye on these top 40 restricted free agents, one of whom is a Bruins defenseman.[Sportsnet]

  • In the business of hockey. Bauer Hockey and Easton are now under the same ownership.[BarDown]

  • Sports agents are beginning to target younger players as competition to land talented clients increases and ethics are benched. [Sportsnet]

  • The NHL Department of Player Safety is still struggling with consistency, take another look at a few recent cases.[SportsIllustrated]

  • Of the paths available to young North American players hoping to break into the NHL, the AHL is the best choice. Joe McDonald explains.[ESPN]

  • Since when is it acceptable for the (alleged) victim of an assault to be pressured to apologize? This is a disturbing trend, and here are the reasons why.[HabsEyesOnThePrize]

  • Got plans? February 20th there will be an on-ice event promoting hockey participation for the visually impaired. They're looking for sighted players to help, and the Capitals have invited everyone participating to attend their practice, which will immediately precede the event.[WashingtonWheelers,Facebook] There is currently a puck in development at the Université du Québec à Montréal that looks promising for this purpose.[MontrealGazette]