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NHL and Bruins to begin auction, merchandise for Denna Laing fund

The NHL is throwing their full weight behind getting Denna Laing on the road to recovery, and a massive shot in the arm for the Denna Laing Fund.

The support network around Denna Laing is growing e're larger in the wake of her injury, the outdoor classic, and the establishment of the Denna Laing Fund.

Today, the NHL, Bruins and Canadiens all came together to sign game worn jerseys and auction them off to help keep down the expenses of Denna's rehab and recovery. There aren't any items yet listed at the link, as the auction begins at 7:05pm tonight. Keep a look out, maybe your favorite player's sweater could be snipeable!

And the Bruins are doing a little extra on their part as well, and have begun selling '47 brand hats with the Winter Classic Bruins logo and the number 24 for Denna laing on the back (which I suppose makes it a hat you can wear in either direction, really.)

Bruins Denna Laing Charity Knit Hat

Bruins Denna Laing Charity Knit Hat

If you're in the market for a bit of Winter Classic memorabilia that goes towards a good cause, interested and willing to help a proud Boston athlete get back on their feet, or just in the mood for a nice hat, this is definitely a good way help the Denna Laing Fund.