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WJC: Watch USA vs. David Pastrnak at 1pm today!

The Quarterfinals of the World Junior Championship are on NHLN, and THE LEGEND will grace our televisions once again.

Hey everyone, are you missing David Pastrnak? I know I sure am!

Well, the World Junior Championships are well on their way to being concluded, with most of the Quarterfinal games playing right now on NHLN except the Canada-Finland game because blackouts or something. This includes what is probably going to be the most important hockey matchup of the entire day, maybe of the entire year that has deep, deep implications for the Boston Bruins.

The United States Men's Under 20 Ice Hockey Team versus David Pastrnak including some other players from his home country of the Czech Republic. At 1pm. On NHL Network.

The Czechs have been blessed by his decision to don the number 9 for his home country. So much so that he's become, in a mere three games at the tournament, not only their 2nd most prolific points getter AND their most prolific shooter on the team, but the most prolific shooter at the tournament.

Only a legend such as Pastrnak could do so much in such a little time.

Tonight, Pastrnak presents himself with a real challenge as he plays one of the most decked out USA teams in a good long while, with Bruins prospect Anders Bjork getting the opportunity to witness his brilliance in person while he is still a young lad, and recently drafted defenseman Jakub Zboril has the tremendous honor of getting to play a hockey game with the Legend himself. Pastrnak has been one of the biggest reasons the Czechs could say they're even in this tournament, as their scoring has only come from around 9 players playing about a quarter as well as David Pastrnak does on an off night.

Am I of two minds about this game? You betcha.

On one hand, The USA is my home, and it is the place I hope to at some point grow old in, and overcoming the odds to topple one of the most dynamic forwards of our generation to win this game means that David Pastrnak will return to the states, and almost assuredly return to the Boston lineup ASAP, especially considering his talents are badly needed against the East's leading team the Capitals this Tuesday. But on the other hand, after several months of not watching David Pastrnak, it would personally break me not to watch more. His play is like a drug. His smile, an addictive quality. And the opportunity for him to be considered a champion before he even returns to grace our NESN screens is a prospect that tickles me and fills my heart with song.

But as a Bruins fan, you should absolutely route for the United States to win this game, difficult as it may be. A win for the United States is a win for the Bruins, and for David Pastrnak.


The game, again, is at 1pm on NHL Network for those who would like to partake in ending your Pastrnak-less hockey experience. The time is close. We will almost be free of the long winter.

All the USA needs to do is win.