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David Pastrnak reportedly broke his finger at the World Juniors

Nevar shud of send to World Juniors

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

David Pastrnak had a decent world juniors. He wound up tying for 7th in shots on net with 19 in just 4 games, with only Joel Eriksson Ek and Gustav Forsling playing less than 5 games amongst players in the top 20 for shots on goal. In games that Pastrnak played in, he had 13% of the shots for them, or just more than one out of every 8 shots his team had. Pastrnak also factored in on 4 of the 11 goals the Czechs scored with him in the lineup.

However, not everything went the Bruins way during his stay in Helsinki. One Czech fan who follows us heard from the commentators that Pastrnak has had a broken finger since the Czech - Belarus game. We don't know if this will keep him out of NHL action, as he played in the World Juniors with it, and played well, but it could limit his effectiveness.

Having a player get injured while being on a prolonged conditioning stint, when the Bruins themselves could have used him in their 5 - 1 drubbing against Montreal on likely their largest stage of the year is not a good look.

Is Pastrnak 100%? Will the Bruins keep him out until he is 100%? Those are some hockey questions that will be answered in the upcoming days. In the meantime, Pastrnak's legend grows with his play using just 9 fingers to level the playing field.

UPDATE: Pastrnak has 'suffered some minor injuries' and just because his hand was bandaged does not mean that it was broken.