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Public Skate: Bruins v. Blue Jackets, 2nd Period

Soupy tribute and close calls.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Is everyone awake? First period was..lackluster. The line of Matt Beleskey, Joonas "Joonas #1" Kemppainen, and Jimmy "Jimothy" Hayes generated some decent scoring chances as well as the Bergeron line, but overall, not a super exciting period. Of course, letting Brandon Saad even think about having the puck was terrifying because Brandon Saad is, well, Brandon Saad.

But let's talk about something that'll tug at your heartstrings and give you the good ol' Feels: the Gregory Campbell tribute. A touching tribute to the former Merlot Line member graced the Jumbotron, including the memorable Broken Leg of 2013. After the tribute, the camera panned to the forward, who smiled and waved because Gregory Campbell is a humble soul.