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Public Skate: Bruins v. Blue Jackets, 3rd Period

The Bruins had a good thing going, but Columbus wanted to see it end.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

THE GOOD: Boston struck first when the Bard of Beantown Brad Marchand scored 32 seconds into the period to notch the first  goal of the game. Not long after, everyone's favorite carb David Pastrnak put Columbus in a two-goal deficit! The Second Period Collapse(tm) demons seemed to be put to rest and the Garden was feeling good.

THE BAD: Because the Bruins can't have nice things apparently, Columbus' most well-liked player Dalton Prout scored to ruin Gus's chance of a shutout. Not long after, CBJ captain Nick Foligno tied the game and effectively harshed the mood.

THE UGLY: Defensive coverage on both goals were just...yikes. Apparently, when all else fails, kneel/lay on the ice and hope for the best. Like, yikes, Scoob!

Also, Gus. You and I need to talk. were awful ones that you probably should've had. You had some pretty spectacular saves in the first to absolutely ROB 'Lumbus from scoring first and that shouldn't be forgotten. But, can we please have those saves next period? Please?