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Chris Stewart is mad On Line, has some words for Jack Edwards.

Our favorite homer Play-by-Play announcer is ruffling feathers and tumblin' muffins again. This time? It's a player.

So, last night's game kinda blew...

But before it went off the rails, there was a little bit of a scrum in the first period that resulted in a fight between Torey Krug, a 5'9 defenseman, and Chris Stewart, a 6'2 forward that ended about as well as you could've expected.

Jack Edwards had the call for NESN as usual, and he did NOT like this fight at all.

He criticized the general size difference and then made a snarky comment about Chris Stewart's intelligence, manliness, and whether or not he should be proud of slugging a player Krug's size. The Bruins then went on to lose that game by a lot who cares let's move on to the All-Star Game.

Normally, most who know of Jack Edwards know he's a homer to end all homers and know you probably should take 90% of what he says that isn't directly related to calling the game with a grain of salt. Chris Stewart on the other hand, took exception:

While one can see this as a player sticking up for himself in the face of details coming to light (namely, Zach Cox from NESN pointing out that Krug was the one to start that fight.) about something that happens in the sport somewhat regularly and sometimes you're mismatched with your sparring partner, and openly calling someone stupid is never exactly something a professional is supposed to do.

On the other hand...three things against his case: First of all, you could've easily pushed your assailant out of arms reach since you've got five inches on the player instigating the fight.'s Jack Edwards, Chris. This isn't some kind of startling, new development that he's going to take the Bruins side. We've known about that for years. The hockey community in general knows that. It's kind of his thing. Hell, some people like that he's a homer. He's certainly better than sticks in the mud like Glenn Healy. Finally, this tweet comes at around 10:49. Right around after the game ends decisively for an Anaheim win. There was no good reason to harp on this after you've won. You proved him wrong, now onto the All-Star Break. Enjoy your life! Ignore it! Roll around in that pile of money Anaheim gave you!

So what do you think? Was Stewart just being mad On Line? Or do you think he had a point?