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Gustavsson will likely be coming back, has been discharged from Mass General

Some good news about Goose, finally.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins made a relatively short announcement regarding the health of Jonas Gustavsson, stating that he was sent to Mass General over the course of the game due to concerns of an elevated heart rate. He tested negative on preliminary tests, and was discharged  He'll be back with the team after the All-Star Game pending a physical and being cleared with the Bruins medical staff.

Goose has unfortunately had recurring heart problems throughout his career. starting with an ablation surgery in 2009, Tachycardia in 2010, and in 2011 he had to be pulled from a game in the first period in the AHL with an accelerated heart beat, and several days later had to get his third ablative surgery.

As always, we wish him the best while the All-Star Game is going on, it's the best time for someone to recover and take it easy while waiting for the all-clear and of course for further testing.