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Winter Classic jerseys: Big discounts are showing up

The game was awful. We can all agree on that much. But the jerseys (for both teams) were awesome, and if you're a collector, you can grab really good deals on replica jerseys.

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I hope to make this part of an ongoing series on the available discounts I find as they appear. Please note that the discounts are all "get 'em while they're available," and that your mileage may vary. We aren't getting any kickback from any merchants, just trying to pass deals along to fellow fans.

The Winter Classic jerseys this year were great. However, there are a ton of them. Between flooding Gillette Stadium with souvenir stands, jerseys being stocked to the rafters at the Pro Shop and other big box retailers ordering a ton, there are extras.

And when there are extras, there are deals to be had.

Yesterday, Dick's Sporting Goods was offering replica jerseys in both adult and youth sizes for $45, including free shipping. People report finding the jerseys similarly discounted in the stores themselves, so if you live near a Dick's Sporting Goods, go check it out.

Today's deal isn't quite as good, but it's still worth considering:

Pure Hockey is selling blank replica jerseys for $70, a savings of 50% of MSRP.

As of the publishing of this post, several sizes in both Boston and Montreal jerseys were available.

Shipping is $10 for the cheapest option. Throw in tax, and you'll be able to take one home for around $85.

Get 'em before they're gone!

Shop Bruins Winter Classic jerseys or Canadiens Winter Classic jerseys at

If you find a deal, let me know on Twitter (@bruinshockeynow)...after you grab one for yourself, of course.