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Brad Marchand cannot be trusted

but he gets the job done

Today, Elliotte Friedman released his latest 30 Thoughts column. Once you corral the awful Sportsnet Auto-play videos, it's always an enjoyable column. He talked a little about our favorite suspended player today: Brad Marchand. From that column:

15. David Krejci gets hurt, Brad Marchand gets an alternate captaincy, and in his first game with the letter, he gets suspended. What stood out was how many coaches and executives basically said the same thing: "He’s a great player, but you cannot trust him."

With Milan Lucic gone, Marchand gets a chance to become the Bruins’ emotional leader, an important role for that team in that city. However, it’s the second time this season he’s apologized for a costly penalty. Marchand has one more year on his contract. He could cash in. He could also cost himself a lot of money.

You can't trust him? He's great? He tries to get the job done but gets official reprimands sometimes, and even suspended from active duty? Does he occasionally rough up a suspect to get a confession?

Marchand Sedin Speedbag

Checks out. Brad Marchand is the rebel cop of the Bruins. He'll do what it takes to get the job done. Even if it means faking a serial killer on the loose.

They say that this cat Brad is a bad motherf- Shut your mouth

I'm just talking about Brad We can dig it

Okay, okay, okay. Enough rebel cop parodies.

As for what Friedman actually said? I love Brad Marchand getting a letter. I love him being a leader. I love the Bruins re-signing him at a discount. Just don't go full Matt Cooke on anyone, you little weasel.