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Auston Matthews was so good in Game 1 of the season he got the B's on National Television

Uh...thank you?

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

So as we discussed earlier this year, the Bruins will be playing 17 games on National TV this year. we thought.

Turns out this kid by the name of Auston Matthews on the Maple Leafs made a hell of a splash in Game One of the season means that NBC has a new fantastic player to hawk for the USA crowd. And this one has 100% less controversy about how much of a scumbag he is!

As such, Saturday's contest against the Maple Leafs in Toronto will be broadcast by NBCSN as opposed to being on NHL Network for national fans.

On one hand, it's possibly good press for the B's given how hellaciously bad Toronto was on defense and in goal against a kind of bad team. So the B's can ruin the Leafs good vibes again.  On the other, the Bruins' young american stars will receive practically no press as NBC briefly becomes an Auston Matthews power hour(s).

The game will play out as anticipated at 7pm. You can also catch it on NESN and CBC, but it will receive the national treatment.