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Bruins take an ugly loss in game two, 4-1 final score

The Leafs might be better than advertised.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Well that sucked.

Period 1:

Every thing went sideways. Quicky.

The Leafs came at the Bruins like a house afire and it was clear that the ramshackle defense constructed was just not going to cut it tonight. Connor Brown scored extremely early, taking advantage of a bad face-off loss and putting the Leafs up 1-0 early.

This would get the progressively worse as time went on.

During the ending minutes of the period, Mitch Marner and James Van Reimsdyk scored within minutes of each other, putting Toronto up 3-0.

It wasn't entirely bad, though.

Yes, in our darkest hour David Pastrnak one-timer'd a shot past Anderson to put the Bruins within 2.

Second period:

the Bruins doubled up on shots and definitely kept the game within breathing distance, but nothing much of consequence occurred. Onto the 3rd.

Third Period:

Milan Michale in a resurgent third period for the Leafs potied the final goal of the night on a tip-in. The Bruins would just take their loss and refuse to cause anyone any further trouble. They take away the 4-1 loss and must move on. Taking a day off then playing in Winnipeg against the Jets. This'll be at 8pl Monday.


  • Your top 5 in possession was Krejci, Nash, Carlo, Pastrnak, and Spooner.
  • Pastrnak has legitimately become a scoring threat worth taking notice of. He has played crazily well early.
  • Backes, Hayes, O'Gara, Beleskey, and Czarnik got shelled tonight. All have to be better.
  • Khudobin put up a paltry .833 SV%. He did have good saves, but at this point the Bruins defense is clearly both very young and very old. Crap like this is going to happen. He also needs to be much better.
  • C.Miller looked a Rookie, but the season is young. This is gonna happen. Pain will come from him and other players. He will learn. Patience will be necessary.
  • Tonight's game highlighted how much Patrice Bergeron is needed on the roster. The B's were crushed in faceoffs and general dominance.
Let's look to Monday for a win, yeah?