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Watch Brandon Carlo score his first NHL Goal!

Rookies scoring! Rask was good! Is there no end to the good stuff from this game?

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

In the 4-1 win over Winnipeg, Brandon Carlo scored his first goal as an NHLer!

It's just a beauty. Pastrnak fishes the puck out of the board battle, threads the needle to Marchand who gets right in front of Connor Hellebuyck, who stick checks the puck right out in front...and Carlo just unloads a beautiful shot right in on him.

A big part of it of course was the wonderful night David Pastrnak was having, and Connor Hellebuyck making the dumbest choice he possibly could with about four players on one side of the ice, but jeez the release on that shot. Hellebuyck didn't have a chance.

Here's to many more Carlo gets to connect with in the future!