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Golden Orr

"Forget about style; worry about results." - Bobby Orr

Number four, Bobby Orr
Number four, Bobby Orr
Elsa/Getty Images

In Bruins news:

  • The season's first three games served to demonstrate how pivotal Patrice Bergeron is to his team. Much of what the team struggled with in his absence was a trickledown effect. The Boston Globe
  • Temper your enthusiasm, there was much to be glad for in the Bruins first three games, all things considered. Providence Journal
  • The season opening three-game road trip was a success. Here are a few observations from the Jets game, including an opinion on the offside call that reversed Zdeno Chara's first goal. Hockeybuzz
  • It is early, but there are some notable positives for the Bruins thus far, including the complimentary pairing of Chara and the surprisingly steady Brandon Carlo. Bergeron's return should allow Claude Julien to juggle the (so far) quiet Krejci line for better performance. The Scouting Post
  • Lanky Rob O'Gara was getting no nibbles from colleges until he spent his senior year at Milton Academy, thanks to his coach's prodding. Boston Herald

In honor of fifty years of Bobby Orr:

  • Take a walk down Memory Lane (Causeway Street) to see why Boston reveres Bobby Orr. The Boston Globe
  • QUOTA! In his "brilliant debut" in the 1966 season opener against the Red Wings, Orr simply dazzled. The Boston Globe
  • Postgame, Gordie Howe weighed in on the youngster, perhaps seeing a bit of himself reflected in him. The Boston Globe
  • What do you think of Orr's first contract, in hindsight? @NHLHistoryGirl And what of his sartorial choices? Did he, in fact, "forget about style?" @JoePelletier
  • Did you ever have a Bobby Orr pizza? Greatest Hockey Legends
  • See The Goal reenacted using OYO Sports figurines. @OYOSports
  • The story behind The Goal and the iconic photo of it are revisited here. Sportsnet

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • A rappelling thief got away with a huge hockey stick heist in Montreal. (With video) Bar Down
  • Thirty Thoughts addresses the Bruins at numbers 6 and 7 and then ends with a nice sticktap to David Ortiz. Sportsnet
  • Here's a quick primer on the terms that are used regarding goalies' positioning. In Goal