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PUBLIC SKATE- Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens, 1st Period

Ou est PK?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

I was running low on caffeine before the game, so I headed into Dunkin Donuts to grab a dark roast. Perched in the corner of the restaurant next to the window stood a solitary Habs fan. I took a sip of my beverage, tasting coffee so bitter I ended up throwing it out. It was at that moment I thought to myself, "Am I tasting coffee or this guy's bitterness for losing PK Subban?"

With the star defenceman gone to Dixieland, he is replaced by Shea Weber, the only NHL player who almost passed Chara's record for hardest slapshot at All-Star Weekend. But I can't think of Shea Weber properly after seeing this photo.

In the words of Ruxin from The League, "FOREVER UNCLEEEEEAN!"

Tonight, Brad Marchand hopes to continue his "Y'all Slept on Me So Much" tour with the continuation of his point streak and assist streak, while Lil' Spud David Pastrnak hopes to continue HIS point streak.

In more exciting news, tonight we see the return of everyone's favourite utensil Ryan Spooner to the lineup after he "hasn't been good enough" (in Claude Julien's words) lately. Welcome back!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to leave to cringe at Quebecois accents.

Si vous voulez suivre le match en francais, j'envoyerai des tweets dans cette langue sur Twitter!