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PUBLIC SKATE: Boston Bruins vs Montreal Canadiens, 3rd Period


This entire period can be summer up using one word:

Pasta showed promise of continuing his point streak with a wraparound opportunity , but the Habs drew first blood on the ice and the scoreboard, while the trash child ("l'enfant de poubelle") Brendan Gallagher scores, leaving Dobby and the defence in the dust.

Next, Phillip Danault (whose name reminds me of a power drill), scores, capitalising on a barely open shot.

I don't want to see the Second Period Collapse rear its ugly head, and I don't think we collapsed, but holy SMOKES we did not look as good as we did in the second. The missed penalty against the Habs on Bergeron did nothing to change momentum, so we go to the third with held breath and crossed fingers.

For the record, SHUTOUT.