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Preseason RECAP: Bruins drop Flyers in Overtime

It goes to OT... again... but the pre-B's come away with it. On to Thursday.

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

A televised preseason game is still a preseason game. it's hard to read too much into it.

And then, a new Bruin hammers a Flyer. And then, a Flyer hammers a new Bruin. And, all of a sudden, it's beyond preseason. It's UTTER MAYHEM. WHERE IS OUR SEASON?!

First Period

Phlipadelphia came out fired up for this game, especially following the last loss to the Bruins in the SkillsOut. Hits, shots, etc. Not a lot of offensive attack on either side, though - but neither enjoyed giving up the puck.

At least, until David Backes decided that Jacub Voracek wouldn't touch the puck trickling at his feet.

So, then...

Couturier takes an Unsportsmanlike +2m, but the PP yields nothing.

Other "highlights" from this period:
Solid play from Brandon Carlo (being huge, clearing pucks, etc.) and Dominic Moore (being old, but otherwise effective in 4th-line defensive responsibilities). Ryan Spooner ends the period by nearly scoring on Steve Mason on a "breakaway".

Second Period

Hockey happened, but not a lot of the truly 'reportable' kind. Brad Marchand had to take a faceoff, which was strange to see. Krejci controlled portions of this period, and PTO defenseman Christian Ehrhoff did the opposite of the Kevan Miller defensive shuffle. (He faked six shots in seven seconds. I don't need to explain Kevan's version.) A pair of penalties kept the rest of the period from behaving properly. We moved on to the third.

Third Period

You can evaluate that over time, and argue. Go ahead. (Given that this is a Bruins blog, I don't expect much, but I'm ready.) His late hit on Austin Czarnik, which should've warranted a pummeling from Chara if not for a short defensive bench tonight, was not acceptable at any level anymore. I'm eager to hear your arguments.


The. End. Under 2 minutes played and Ryan Spooner gets a gift of a setup, accompanied by a goalie's two worst enemies - Time, and of course, Space.


No heroics from Heinen tonight, so I'll swallow that pride and hope that he gets multiple looks during the regular season. In the same vein, however, O'Gara shows some veteran thanks - and poise - post-game:

See ya in the Regular Season, folks. Warm up those koozies, 'cause it's gonna be a doozie.