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Noel Acciari out for four weeks

These injuries are killer.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Another one bites the dust.

The Bruins announced earlier today that Noel Acciari will be missing almost a month's worth of time due to a lower body injury. As of right now, he's played about 12 games for Boston this year, and has accrued two points.

This is a major concern for Boston given that a number of the young forwards have been coming in and out of the lineup. This is also a major concern in that the neo-merlot line has been a solid defensive pickup that has also been able to score goals. A major development for a team that has had trouble getting it's depth to score. However else this line will be composed is up to Claude, but given the incredible defensive competence of that line, hopefully anyone slotted in it will help pick up the pace.

The earliest Acciari could expect to be back would be December 8th, when the Bruins take on the Avalanche.

As always, I personally wish him a speedy recovery.