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Return 2 Form

Is crow served better hot, or cold, like revenge?

"I dub thee Sir Shutout. Arise, and receive the gratitude of your King!" (Zdeno Chara, Tuukka Rask)
"I dub thee Sir Shutout. Arise, and receive the gratitude of your King!" (Zdeno Chara, Tuukka Rask)
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins have another down day ahead of the game against the Wild on Thursday evening.

  • The biggest Bruins v. Canadiens rivalry looks now to be centered around the netminders. Carey Price is watching over his shoulder as Tuukka Rask's numbers storm northward into Gerry Cheevers territory. Brandon (sic) Holtby, who? The Boston Globe
  • Rask is a big surprise? People have such laughably short memories and attention spans. WEEI
  • Kirk Luedeke humbly takes his cap in hand and reassesses his position from last April that the Bruins should take a hit to move on from the oft-prickly Rask. Advantage- Don Sweeney. Scouting Post
  • Speaking of Sweeney, pause to review his efforts to right the Bruins' ship so far. With the prospect pool brimming with talent, there is room for optimism. Fox Sports
  • Also trending upward is David Krejci, who is beginning to look more like himself again. Fox Sports
  • David Pastrnak is lightin' 'em mup mup mup in the NHL's four-way tie for second place in goals. @PR_NHL
  • One small concern- will a few days of rest cool the hot streak the Bruins are on? Take a look at what lies ahead.
  • Last night at The Globies, Patrice Bergeron won as the Bruins' MVP. As he is on the road with his team, they sent some guy on up to the podium to accept on his behalf. @NHLBruins
  • With this lunch box, you'd still be the king of the schoolyard. @Super70sSports

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Take a peek behind the curtain at Private Jet Services, the New Hampshire based carrier that flies our Bruins (and other corporate clients) around the USA. It is a nearly recession-proof business. Forbes
  • The machinations of the NHL surrounding realignment and conference juggling have trickled down to affect scheduling, morphing their 'product' into ho-hum tedium devoid of real rivalries. Yawn. WEEI
  • Finland's initiative to improve their hockey program following a weak 2009 draft has led to the point that three of the top five NHL draft picks this year were Finns. The Journal
  • Could this be Mark Recchi's year for the Hockey Hall of Fame? He would be in good company. ESPN Shawn Thornton is wearing a suit and tie these days, just not in the press box for NESN, as the Panthers have found him useful behind the scenes. NHL The Panthers snagged Seth Griffith, and Reilly Smith knows why. (With video) Sun-Sentinel
  • Ruh-ro, Rex and Patrice Bergeron fall into these ten categories of players that end up getting snubbed for the Hockey Hall of Fame. Sportsnet