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Failure to launch: Jets held to just 5 five on five shots, twelve overall

After being one of the worst defenses last year, the 2016-17 team has put together an impressive start

Brandon Carlo and Zdeno Chara have formed a stout defensive pairing for the Bruins
Brandon Carlo and Zdeno Chara have formed a stout defensive pairing for the Bruins
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets had a tough time getting shots through to Tuukka Rask, as the Bruins defense did a solid job blocking them, or forcing them to get too cute and miss the net, with just over a third of their shots hitting the net (12 of the 33 attempts they had in all situations).

This inability to shoot was exemplified by the almost two full periods between five on five shots, going 35:39 between Adam Lowry's shot in the first period to Patrik Laine's shot at 51:36

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Late in the third, the Jets would turn it on and fire three more on net in the final 4 minutes, which could largely be attributed to score effects, and the Bruins being up 4-0. Lowry, Wheeler, and Laine would each have two shots, half of the Jets total

This is just an extreme example of the stingy defense the Bruins have somehow cobbled together this year, as coming into tonights game the Bruins were the 9th best team in terms of limiting shot attempts against at 5on5, 3rd best at limiting unblocked shot attempts against, and 3rd best in terms of limiting the quality of chances as well as the quality using's expected Goals stat.

This was also tied for the third fewest shots allowed in Bruins history. They somehow managed to lose the last game they only allowed 12 shots, and by multiple goals

Via hockeyreference's play index

Couple this stinginess defensively with Tuukka Rask, and there is the potential for this Bruins team to make some noise this year.