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PUBLIC SKATE: NY Rangers vs Boston Bruins, 1st Period

Hockey witchcraft, Battle of the Vowels, Kuraly fries, and #LOLHabs

Rask (1/15 vowels/60) faces Raanta (1/12 vowels/60) in this Original Six contest.
Rask (1/15 vowels/60) faces Raanta (1/12 vowels/60) in this Original Six contest.
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Even though Halloween and the Wiccan celebration of Samhain have passed, the Bruins this morning called a circle, invoking the elements of Grit, Leadership, Heart, and Veteran. Suddenly, a pair of skates could be heard throughout the mostly-empty Warrior Arena. Appearing at the center of the circle, David Backes appeared and led the group stretch.

It is expected that the forward, who underwent olcranon (elbow) surgery, returns tonight!

In other news, Wheel of Fortune fans rejoice! Tonight, all those vowels you guess that aren't in any of the clues now count DOUBLE, considering the vowels A and U appear at least twice in either or both of the goaltenders' names.

Rumour has it that the contestant who wins receives a brand new reindeer and a copy of Children of Bodom's newest album, just in time for the holiday season!

In other OTHER news, Don Sweeney announced today that call-up forward Sean Kuraly, who played with the team in their shootout win against Tampa on the 3rd, has been reassigned to Providence. Unfortunately I couldn't catch the game due to work, but I hear it was a nailbiter!

Finally, in the words of Jon Stewart and now Trevor Noah, "Here it is, your moment of zen":