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PUBLIC SKATE: NY Rangers vs Boston Bruins, 2nd Period

When you try your best but you don't succeeeeeeeeeeeed...

Me too, Claude. Me too.
Me too, Claude. Me too.
Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

It appears that the Bruins' caffeine rush has worn off.

At first, it appeared that the black and gold had chugged a gallon of Veranda with an espresso shot when the dynamic duo of 63+37 produced a goal...

...but then momentum was lost with Nick Holden's goal that tied the Rangers with the B's.....

....which eventually was gained back with a powerplay opportunity from a Marc Staal tripping call....

....which faded when Bald Eagle Derek Stepan scored a shorthanded goal on that very penalty.

We go into the second with the momentum shifted in the opposite direction, which I hope doesn't warn of an upcoming Second Period Collapse (tm). In another arena, somewhere in the heart of Quebec, we give you yet another moment of Zen: