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PUBLIC SKATE: Maple Leafs vs Bruins, 3rd period

Strong supporting evidence, but no structure.

NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston Bruins
Brad Marchand makes the grade and puts the B’s within one.
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The second period commenced with a weak introductory sentence to the argument. The strong counterpoint to the argument came in the form of Auston Matthews, who notched his twelfth goal of the season, eighth point in six of his past nine games, and put the Leafs up 1-0.

The following paragraph was equally as awful, with Toronto’s Zach Hyman scoring to put the B’s at a 2-0 deficit. The students would have received deductions for writing adult jokes in the margins of their paper, but they refrained. GOOD.

The second counterpoint challenging the Bruins comes in the form of Leafs goalie Freddy Andersen, who, through two periods, has successfully blocked 21 shots from the Black and Gold. The supporting evidence of the Bruins winning the contest is present, but unfortunately, the body of this paper lacks proper structure through two paragraphs of arguments and supporting evidence.

However, the last body paragraph proved to be stronger than the previous two. Left winger and our Rat King Brad Marchand racked up a beautiful goal to catapult the team within one and galvanise the team. Though the previous paragraphs lacked convincing argument structure, the last few lies of the last body paragraph proved convincing, structured, and well thought-out.

If the team proves successful in their conclusion, they just might have a chance of saving their grade and passing the class.