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Trading for Calvin De Haan: Should Boston do it? What are the benefits? How do you get him?

Like defensemen who wear the number 44? Want none of the bullcrap that this number’s previous wearer had when he was a fossil? Have we got the guy for you!...If the price is right, of course.

Tampa Bay Lightning v New York Islanders Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

This is Calvin de Haan.

Native of Carp (seriously.) Ontario.

A first-round pick by the New York Islanders. He’s a left-hand-shot defenseman, 6’1, 190ish. Not afraid to use it.

He is exactly the kind of player Boston needs, and could snatch away from New York with relative ease.

But first, some analysis!

de Staats:

Over the last four/five seasons with the Islanders, he has played pretty reasonable minutes and attracted modest scoring and assisting, usually getting around 12-15 points a year. Concerned? Don’t be. He’s the dual threat kinda guy. Shutdown guys aren’t goalscorers. They’re not meant to be, but when his team’s looking desperate, he can get pretty fast and pretty accurate with his shot. He’s a nice swiss-army knife like that.

His fancystats are pretty impressive, too. In his up-and-down the pairings play he has generally excelled in a top four role, being a great suppressor of shots and a pretty decent generator of them as well!

de Haan serves a very important role of shoring up the bottom pairings of defensemen for NYI, giving them a fairly strong defensive corps...that’s already pretty strong to begin with.

Why go for him if he’s so valuable to NYI?:

Expansion, son. He’s probably leaving, no matter what happens to him this year.

Allow me to show you the contracts NYI both has to honor and players they most likely will keep on defense alone.

  • Johnny Boychuk
  • Nick Leddy
  • Travis Hamonic (‘specially since he’s an alternate Captain)

Them’s some good defensemen. That’s at least one pairing or at least one good player per defense pairing. Each is going to be a New York Islander for a good long time, is paid roughly a gorillion dollars between them all, and that puts de Haan, who has been a capable Islander, in a bit of a rough spot. he’s good, but he’s been primarily used as a depth player for a good portion of this year, and he’s not the great hopes of the defense that NYI needs in order to remain a functioning hockey team. What’s more, relatively speaking his contract is extremely cheap at around only 1.9 AAV, so he’s effectively been trade-bait for a number of teams looking to upgrade this season. He is the definition of good, but replaceable while in Brooklyn/Long Island/Brooklong Island.

And defense is currently not NYI’s big problem, which is where Boston can absolutely strike at them to get him in Black and Gold.

Acquiring Calvin de Haan:

NYI’s offense is in need of desperate help.

Injuries and an offseason gutting of their forward corps may have caused irredeemable cracks to form in the Islanders’ foundation. They stand at 17th in team goals scored, are bottoming out the eastern conference in the standings, and they are currently 29th in the league overall in CF% and in getting shots on net the Isle only max out to about 12th in the league. Not helping this is a cavalcade of injuries right down the middle with Grabovski being on LTIR, and definitely not helping is that the player taking his place right now?

Brock Nelson.

How’s Brock Nelson the center? ...Alright, pretty good defensively. Gets shots here or there.

Is he Mikhail Grabovski? Can he significantly improve the possession and scoring chances of his linemates like Grabovski can? HELL no. And that’s a problem for NYI, because the two guys two his left and right are Shane Prince and Ryan Strome. Players not exactly known for their defensive prowess, but they CAN be prolific in their own rights. They need someone creative, a player that will get behind the net and dish out crazy passes for them to pot home, a real speedy little bugger that can make a seriously dangerous line out of them.

Someone like say...Ryan Spooner?

Yeah, Spooner could be a big help for the Islanders. He’s currently in the no-man’s land of having to play away from his natural position but also being just good enough to keep around by virtue of his offensive capabilities. He could really use a place where he could find more acclaim. Brooklong Island sounds like just the right kind of place for him right now!

Meanwhile, de Haan could be the final piece that not just extends Boston’s playoff hopes, but ensures them staying afloat.

It’s a sure deal, all Don has to do is ask.