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Risky play by Teravainen backfires, ties game for Bruins

Penalties are used to prevent sure goals all the time, but... this looks dangerous.

Teravainen tries to take down a tree with his foot-hatchet.
Teravainen tries to take down a tree with his foot-hatchet.

In the waning seconds of last night's game against the Carolina Hurricanes, Boston Bruins defenseman Krug hammered a one-timer from the blue line, and Backes' net-front traffic created a goal, because #grit ties games.

After viewing the replay on the goal, it's pretty clear that Hurricanes forward Teuvo Teravainen kicked the puck through his own goalie. While he clearly wasn't hoping to do that, the kick definitely had a purpose. What was it?

Watch the extreme slow-mo starting around the :47 and you'll see what I'm getting at.

Penalties that prevent scoring chances, while harmful to your team, are one thing. Kicking out a guy's feet in front of your net - and kicking his feet TOWARDS your goalie in a way that's intended to UP-END the opposing player - just looks like a terrible idea.

Good thing David Backes is a brick house, for Cam Ward's sake. Nobody wants another Clint Malarchuk incident.