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We Know About Bad Ice

Hurricanes and Red Wings fans, we feel you.

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes at Boston Bruins Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

So last night, the Hurricane and Red Wings had their game postponed at PNC Arena because the arena couldn’t cool the ice to under the 18 degrees required in time to get a game in with Detroit traveling to play Tampa Bay the next day. First off, check out the thread over at Canes Country about how everyone passed the time, it’s pretty funny. But more importantly, we know weird ice conditions when the weather is warm.

While the result of the game in the end (which got postponed not because of the fog, but because the lights went out at the old Garden) certainly wasn’t what the Bruins wanted, it goes to show that stranger things can happen on the ice. Northeastern University also happened to fall victim to ice troubles earlier this season, in this instance, caused by a zamboni.