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Brad Marchand destroys a homophobic hockey fan

He’s a good guy, that Brad.

NHL: Boston Bruins at Buffalo Sabres Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Marchand: Elite goalscorer, noted pest...destroyer of Internet trolls?

The Bruin wing added that third one to his resume last night, shutting down a hockey fan who made the kind of homophobic, unnecessary comment so common in the sports world.

Our hero steps in:

But wait, it says “Tweet unavailable.” Ah, man. Lost to annals of the Internet.


The original Tweet was captured in this screenshot:

Good for Marchand for calling out the kind of casual hate speech and homophobia that often gets dismissed as “just joking around” or “locker room talk.”

(Also of note: the Tweet that this guy was replying to was Marchand asking people for help raising money for a family in need. Nice.)

Marchand ended up embarrassing the original guy so much that the account is now deleted. RIP Redd Barron.

If you think Marchand standing up to stuff like this publicly doesn’t mean much and this is all overblown, look at some of the replies to his Tweet.

Several people thank him for standing up to the stuff that as hockey fans (gay or straight) makes them uncomfortable on a daily basis.

Stick salute for you, Brad. Thanks for using your voice to stand up for people.