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Jaroslav Halak is on Waivers. Should Boston claim him?

So...uh...NYI just waived their starting goaltender. Should this be something Boston picks up on?

NHL: Washington Capitals at New York Islanders Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The isle never ceases to be boring, don’t they?

Anyway, Jaroslav Halak, starting goaltender for the Islanders, has been placed on waivers today. Just another step in a really nasty year for the Islanders as far as they’re concerned. So what does boston gain from having such a player on their roster?

Halak to Boston would be the organization moving on from Khudobin and a good portion of the depth. At the NHL level, no backup the Bruins have iced so far has had a game over .900 except for Anton Khudobin, and Khudobin’s year here in Boston has not been so great. Meanwhile, Halak is a career .916 in SV% and even on a rough year for him that has him at .904, that still puts him ahead of every player whose taken a backup slot for the Bruins.

Doing so would give at long last an opportunity for a defense that, while shaky, has been able to limit shot-attempts fairly well, and finally give Rask the kind of help his performance has practically been begging for this season.

I mean, that seems pretty reasonable, right? What could possibly get in the way of him being a bru-

...Yeah, no dice. Boston currently has 3.4 million in cap space, and that’s money the Bruins CANNOT give up right now, if for no other reason than the Bruins might need it for giving a scorer or a defender money to come to Boston.

It would be nice to have a goaltender that can take this role, but the Bruins can do better, or at the very least cheaper, than Halak.

Regardless, I wish the man luck in Bridgeport or wherever he ends up.