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WJC Day 5: Swiss Miss, Slovaks Survive

With a matchup against Finland in the relegation match, two Group B teams fought to stay alive.

Halifax Mooseheads v Blainville-Boisbriand Armada Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Only one more day left until the new year, but the World Junior Championships is far from over! Just because there were two games on Friday doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything at stake! Take a look at how things shook down heading into the weekend.

Switzerland 5 - Denmark 4 (SO)

So, the surprise team, Denmark, the one I told you yesterday to keep an eye on? Well they had karma turn back on them in this one, as after taking two different three-goal leads, Switzerland came all the way back to tie it and ended up winning the game in a shootout. A previous Swiss hero this tournament, Nico Hischier, got the scoring started for the Swiss, already down 3-0. The Danes would make it 4-1, but two goals from Yannick Zehnder and one from Nando Eggenberger (stellar name) brought the two squads even. Marco Miranda got the only goal of the shootout as Joren van Pottelberghe made all three saves on Danish forwards. With both teams already locked into the quarterfinals, this was just a fun game to see who could come out on top.

Slovakia 4 - Latvia 2

This was the big match, where winner stays, loser goes into a sudden death match against Finland where whoever loses doesn’t participate in the WJC next year. Latvia put the first goal of the night on the board just 3:40 into the game. Slovakia would retaliate with four unanswered goals, including one with that Michael Roman helped his brother Milos pot, leaving the Latvians in a massive hole that they couldn’t climb out of.

So what does this mean for the standings?

Group A

Sweden (3-0-0-0) - 9 pts

Denmark (1-1-1-1) - 6 pts

Czech Republic (1-0-2-0) - 5 pts

Switzerland (0-2-0-1) - 4 pts

Finland (0-0-0-3) - 0 pts

Group B

Canada (3-0-0-0) - 9 pts

United States (3-0-0-0) - 9 pts

Russia (1-0-0-2) - 3 pts

Slovakia (1-0-0-2) - 3 pts

Latvia (0-0-0-4) - 0 pts

Finland and Latvia will battle in the relegation game on January 2nd for the rights to stay in the WJC next year. For now, the teams that haven’t faced each other in their groups square off, including the heavyweight bout between the United States and Canada.