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Bruins vs. Panthers 12/5/16 PREVIEW: Battle Florida figuratively and literally.

The Bruins are in a rather uncomfortable spot right now, and they'd probably like to win tonight to get some space between themselves and Tampa Bay.

This is without much doubt the least flattering photo of Bergie USA TODAY has ever taken
This is without much doubt the least flattering photo of Bergie USA TODAY has ever taken
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Just the Facts:


THE PLACE: TD Garden, Boston, MA

THE NETWORK: NESN, Sportsnet, TVAS, NHL Network (US only)

THE RADIO STATION: 98.5 The Sports Hub


THE STAKES: TBL picked up a pity point and thus Boston must win this game in any fashion to get 3rd place in the Atlantic back.

Game Notes:

  • Chara continues to skate at practice for Boston, but until we hear otherwise there's a good chance he won't be playing.
  • Florida has recently come into a major offensive slump, but would LOVE this game to go their way as they're currently a few points back from the wildcard.
  • Luongo is still good, just not Tuukka Rask good. If ever there was a time for depth scoring now would be the time.
  • This is GM/Coach Tom Rowe's first time in Boston as coach. Let's see how he does.
  • Your leading goalscorer in Florida is Jonathan Marchessault. If you were a minor league hockey fan, you'd likely know him from his brief but scoring stints as a Springfield Falcon before they became Thunderbirds. Needless to say Boston should probably keep his line away from scoring chances.

Never 4get:

I'm not gonna lie there are way too many highlights of Florida getting one on Boston from somewhere in the last three decades. So here's Adam McQuaid rekting Shane Harper's life.