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Will Patrice Bergeron face discipline for his hit on Matt Niskanen?

Niskanen didn’t return after the hit.

Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Here’s the hit, from NBC Sports (sorry, you have to watch an ad):

Niskanen didn’t return to the game, and will be evaluated today.


Some (incorrectly) suggested the hit was similar to the one by Randy Jones that nearly ended Bergeron’s career; others say Niskanen was going down anyways, and that Bergeron wasn’t trying to board him.

My two cents: Bergeron wasn’t trying to board Niskanen, but the result was boarding. Given Bergeron’s lack of priors, he ends up with a warning (or a fine, at worst).

What say you, Chowder people?

Suspension? Fine? Nada?