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Lost "Bear and the Gang" short shows darker, grittier Bear

Move over, Christian Bale's Batman. This animated "Bear and the Gang" short was found on the cutting room floor and shows a brooding Bear who has put his fun-loving shenanigans aside to focus on darker matters.


The Bruins' "Bear and the Gang" shorts have been popular with fans, though it seems like the old live-action ones received more positive feedback than the current cartoon versions.

However, all of the episodes have a similar theme: the Bear is a mischievous character, an ursine Brad Marchand. He's fun. He's good for kids. He's a big, lovable prankster.

Apparently all of that good cheer takes its toll after a while. A previously unreleased "Bear and the Gang" short has been found, and it's shocking.

Bear has had enough of the fun.

Bear has a new gang, and they're not interested in giving out hockey jerseys.

Where did you go wrong, Bear?