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Malcolm Subban and David Pastrnak are on the Bruins' NHL roster

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Our fave former DOY friend Pez made a very astute observation a few minutes ago: Malcolm Subban is currently on the Bruins' NHL roster.

Additionally, Jonas Gustavsson has been placed on IR, and David Pastrnak appears to be on the roster as well.

From the Bruins site:

Oh look, there they are - Pasta and Subban.

It's worth noting that as of earlier this morning, Gustavsson wasn't listed as being on IR, nor were Subban and Pastrnak mentioned, according to a cached version of the roster page.

The Bruins face Toronto tomorrow at TD Garden. As there's been no real updates on Jonas, I think we can safely assume that this Subban callup is probably legit. And this time, he PROBABLY won't be chucked to the wolves against the best team in the league!