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Flight Line

The Bruins could use a win tonight in Winnipeg

Ryan Spooner takes flight, with help from Mark Stuart
Ryan Spooner takes flight, with help from Mark Stuart
Marianne Helm/Getty Images

The Jets host the Bruins this evening at 8:00PM.

  • Press DELETE and move on, Claude Julien will not be wasting his time on Tuesday's thumping by the Kings.[TheBostonGlobe]

  • What lies ahead may depend on the success of the Bruins on this long road trip. Will they sell at trade deadline with an eye to the future?[WEEI]

  • Revisiting the Milan Lucic trade: That was a major turning point for the Bruins, but other notable roster losses to injury also contributed.[SouthCoastToday]

  • Reality is that the Bruins are relying on a number of first-year players, and that isn't going to change right now. Bonus: Enjoy a relatively lighthearted podcast recorded following the Kings game, asking at length why Kevan Miller is unscratch-able. (With audio, 57:47)[Hockeybuzz]

  • The Bruins season as a whole is being defined by a failure to win at TD Garden.[TodaysSlapShot]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Take a virtual skate along this arboreal ice skating trail in a Canadian provincial park.[BarDown]

  • The marketing whizzes in Ottawa are offering an olive branch to Dion Phaneuf fans- 50% off a new Phaneuf Senators sweater if you trade in your Phaneuf Maple Leafs one![Sportsnet]

  • This week's NHL power ranking theme softens the news that the Bruins dropped in the standings- The saddest story in four words.[Sportsnet]

  • Matt Bartkowski? Ho-hum. Matt Bartkowski's mom? An entertaining treasure! (With audio)[PuckDaddy]

  • Who better to speak to the greatness of Martin Brodeur than a few of his backup goalies?[Sportsnet]

  • Aside from the Capitals in the Eastern Conference, four teams are looking like contenders.[TodaysSlapShot]

  • OoOoOoOoh! He's so hot right now! Martin Hanzal is on the receiving end of a bit of Zoolander-themed attention.[PuckDaddy]

  • Young players will now have a new resource in the Florida market, as South Florida Hockey Academy opens its doors.[SFHockeyAcademy]

  • The last fifty years yielded a quintet of the worst Stanley Cup Finals- Sean McIndoe dishes the details.[TheHockeyNews]