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Watch: Brett Connolly has his first 3-point night!

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight was a momentous night for the Bruins in general, ripping out a 6-2 win and QUOTA after getting stomped by LA on Tuesday. The home curse is real. For Brett Connolly, it was an especially big night - he notched a career-high three points. Here they are:

First period 1:38: P. Bergeron (20) assisted by B. Marchand and B. Connolly

Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron did most of the work on this, but Brett Connolly did good work to corral the puck off the faceoff and set this up.

First period 18:45: B. Marchand (26) assisted by B. Connolly and Z. Chara

A very nice little bump by Connolly springs Brad Marchand, who flies in and goes all BRAD MARCHAND on 'em.

For his third assist, Brett Connolly almost had the goal waived off by slipping by the goalie. The refs decided that the goalie couldn't have stopped it anyways, and let it go:

Congrats to Brett Connolly and here's hoping this turns his season around!