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The Legend of Carl lives on


Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Carl Soderberg's legend lives on in Boston, even if he's out in the Western Conference these days.

Friend of SCOC Maili snapped this photo in one of the women's bathrooms at TD Garden during the Kings vs. Bruins game the other day, and has graciously allowed us to share it here via @backcheckswing on twitter:

Now we're not condoning bathroom graffiti or anything - the bear will get mad, or something - but, like. That's our design! Pulled straight from Carl and Brad Marchand's iconic exchange on Behind the B during the 2014 Olympics:

So awesome. The legend of Carl lives on, at least until this gets painted over.

The shirts are still on sale here, if you want to grab one after the fact. Here is a photo of one in action.