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Patrice Bergeron's goal ties him with Dit Clapper in Bruins all-time scoring

Congrats, Patrice!

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Patrice is once again smashing records as his goal tonight against the Blue Jackets puts him 12th on the Bruins all-time scoring, tied with old tymey Bruins legend Aubrey "Dit" Clapper.

He scores one more goal, he takes 12th for himself and ties with 11th. One more goal, he takes 11th and ties with 10th. He gets four goals in the next 20 games?

He's top ten all-time.

Patrice Bergeron is perfect, and it's an exciting time to see him take his throne in the annals of Bruins history. I personally can't wait for him to be recognized for his achievement.