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Recap: Bruins 2, Blue Jackets 1. Low Event.

That "Hell is Real" sign sounded a lot better when it wasn't a reality of the game.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins win, and take a much needed 2 points from John Tortorella's Blue Jackets and return to 2nd place within the knife fight of four teams in the Atlantic Division. Let's review...

Streamables always done by Chris Abraham, Thanks Chris!

1st Period: That zoo really is nice, you guys.

Let's be frank. Last night's game was a defense heavy, boring as hell slog for stretches and all of it's really interesting moments came at the beginning and end.

The Bruins took to a dominant, multi minute offensive zone camping trip to begin the period, throwing whatever they could muster on Joonas Korpisalo. Columbus struggled mightily out of the gate, using transition offense to try and mitigate their problems. Boston didn't allow a shot on goal for several minutes, but when the first one came, CBJ began to claw back in, and got one hell of a break as Alexander Wennberg was interfered with during the course of yet another attempt to break away. This resulted in a Penalty Shot, which is just a shootout goal that counts.

Tuukka Rask hates the shootout, if you can recall. Wennberg completely catches Rask off guard, who was still drifting into his aggressive stance. This would be the best chance CBJ would ever cash in on all night. Five minutes later, the Bruins welcomed back their premiere forward in the best way that they could. Watch him score a goal all by himself to remind you of the good things.

This is the kind of shot I wish every player on the Bruins could do this. It helps Korpisalo kind of sold his house to try and catch that puck.

After this point? Whoo...boy. That's when things got boring

2nd Period: DEFENSE.


This isn't much of a problem, but it makes for a dull watching experience when both sides are kind of struggling to make anything happen against the other. Both clubs knew how to defend each other reasonably well. CBJ would block zone entries on the wing, the Bruins could get multi-man pileups going then fish the puck out of the ensuing mass of humanity. Oh, and they gave up some shots.

They gave up a TON of shots. Not so many that the Bruins were behind much...