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Recap: Bruins shut out by Preds 2-0

Same, Tuukka. Same.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

I'm glad I get a couple games off from recapping this team's struggles. This was awful.

1st Period where all the interesting stuff happened:

The Preds were basically gifted their first goal almost 3 minutes in by karma and by the boards, and Craig Smith blasts it right over Rask at point blank range.

2nd & 3rd Period:

Unfortunately, they couldn't cash in.

Both teams proceeded to go and do

Yeah. That. For the next 39 minutes. Shots went on, but both goaltenders prevented the score from getting any better or worse. Penalties were called, and both PKs were perfect. The best opportunity the Bruins ever got to scoring on Rinne was three separate chances: One on a redirection chance by David Pastrnak in the second period. One by David Krejci and Patrice Bergeron in the third on the Power Play, and Dennis Seidenberg, who dove to try and get this puck on Rinne, who saved it anyway so who the hell cares, right.