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Bruins get a new sponsor, gives an opportunity of a lifetime to Beijing youth hockey players.

The Bruins are all about breaking new ground. And tonight it's with China.

China Daily

The All-Star break is over, and we're all gearing up for a game against the Leafs.

So y'know...a light stretch and a scrimmage.

But the business side of the Bruins continues on strong as ever, and they just announced a partnership with O.R.G. Packaging, a company based in Beijing.

About the partnership, Cam Neely had this to say:

"Finding innovative ways to grow the game of hockey is always a priority of the Bruins organization...The synergy between the Bruins and O.R.G. Packaging will positively impact the growth of the game in the local Chinese community while showcasing the passion for hockey that exists in Asia."

And Zhou Yunjie, ORG's chairman had this to say:

"O.R.G. Packaging is very excited about becoming the first ever Chinese partner of the Boston Bruins and the NHL. We will serve as a bridge between China and the US, to better promote cultural and sports exchanges through ice hockey."

That's all fine and good, but there's more to this deal than just money and a handshake. The Bruins are fully committed, along with ORG, to growing the game in China, with players, execs, and front office staff planning on going to Beijing this summer to host a number of clinics and camps.

Also, over the past week the Bruins have been hosting 22 youth hockey players from the Beijing Hockey Association, where they have been participating in games against local new england youth hockey teams, interacting with greats like Rick Middleton and Andrew Raycroft, and will likely be at tonight's game, where they will play the 3 minutes of fame in the first period, and will be involved in the "future bruins" segment.

The game has been steadily, albeit slowly, growing in the east, and gestures like this one are ones that the Bruins fanbase should be more than proud of as the commitment to growing the game in this particular partnership.