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Recap: Bruins 5, Penguins 1. THE LEGEND RETURNS

The Bruins pummel the Pens in one of the absolute highlight games of the year.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins were in dire straits prior to tonight's game.

They had come off of one of the more embarrassing performances of the last month, and needed a spark. And going on early into tonight's game, it certainly looked like things weren't going to get any better. The Pens were piling on shots. Rask was already being asked to make some spectacular saves as the Bruins defense mostly allowed shots to whiz right on past them. Someone needed to stand up and make a statement. The Bruins needed a spark.

The Bruins needed a legend.

And they got one.

2nd Period:

Things looked good for the beginning of the second period. The Bruins came out flying, the Pens offense was completely stymied as the offense just threw chance after chance at the Penguins, and it frustrated them so much that Landon Ferraro had to deal with Scott Wilson in a bout of fisticuffs in the first minute and a half of the period.

Lando hasn't dropped the gloves much in his career, so it was fun to see him get a few good rights in before the dragged his dance partner to the ice.

Boston's consistent pressure was rewarded 3 minutes in when an errant turnover put the puck right to the man of the hour, David Pastrnak...