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Loui Eriksson and Boston Bruins still negotiating to keep Loui a Bruin

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

DJ Bean has been doing some sleuthing around, and just put this on twitter:

Apparently, Cam Neely was on the radio before that, and said they haven't heard back on that offer:

Eriksson is, of course, in his age-30 year. Longer than 3 years would mean that his contract would extend through his age-35 year in 2020-21. For comparison's sake, Patrice Bergeron is also in his age-30 year and is signed through 2022. Not that Loui Eriksson is necessarily as good as Bergeron, but his game is based on a skillset that should be able to last at least until he's 35.

If the Bruins do sign Loui Eriksson to a 4+ year deal, he'll obviously be unavailable for trading. The Bruins likely want to either move or sign him by Monday's trade deadline.