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NHL Trade Deadline Rumors: Tampa Bay Lightning's Jonathan Drouin to Boston?

We talked about it earlier in the year. Now, there appears to be some meat on the bones. But has the landscape changed?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jonathan Drouin is one of the hotter properties this trade deadline, and as we get nearer and nearer to TRADE APOCALYPSE he's being linked with every team looking to improve. Including the Bruins.

The latest talk out there has Drouin heading to the Bruins for Loui Eriksson AND two prospects this deadline.

Now, we discussed myriad ways for Drouin to become a Bruin back in January, and we argued then that if Don Sweeney was going to strike for the unsettled Bolts forward, then that would be the ideal time to do it, if the price was right.

The price since then has seemingly gone up in a big way, with Bob McKenzie and other insiders saying that Drouin could be of interest to as much as a third of the league this deadline.

That alone puts him in a price bracket that's probably going to rule the B's out. The Lightning are asking a crazy price for a player who, let's not forget, hasn't actually played since the beginning of the year and has made it quite clear that he wants out of Tampa. You'd think that that would give the Bolts incentive to turn what is essentially a black hole of wages for no return into an asset they can use now.

It can't be denied that Drouin would help the Bruins, particularly if they do decide to move Loui Eriksson. He's a winger with tremendous top-six potential who would instantly improve Boston's offense...imagine him paired with...say, Ryan Spooner for example. Drouin is also signed through the end of next year-which means that the cap issues usually associated with acquiring a hot young star can be deferred or at least planned for over next season.

However, the latest prices seem to be Yzerman setting the Bolts up for a trade bonanza in the hope that a contender is desperate enough to pay it. With the Bruins having more pressing needs to fill than winger depth, the only way this happens is if they can get the price down to a reasonable level-one that doesn't involve giving up their biggest trade asset this deadline AND likely several of their top assets.

The B's should still at least be keeping an eye on the prices being offered for a player with tremendous potential...however, the rumored price is far too high right now.

Any trade like that quoted would be an overpayment of some magnitude. If the B's want Drouin, then they may be better off waiting and playing the long game here, just like Yzerman himself