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Trade Deadline: Boston's got 7 hours to figure something out.

With the deadline only a scant 7 hours away, Don's doing everything he can to make something happen.

I'm not sure Don Sweeney's slept at all this weekend.

He's been wrestling the unfortunate fact that he may not be able to resign Loui Eriksson to another contract by 3pm today and has been giving it his all. But now, after a frantic week and a half of negotiations, he may be looking elsewhere for some value, as per Darren Dreger...

On one hand...YAY! WE CAN MAYBE GET DAN HAMHUIS! On the other hand, jesus christ...Russell? Really? I understand they're the best candidates but good god, you can do better than Kris Russell.

And now, we sort of know the price they're asking, and the issue that it stems:

And there it is. The price is high (as it should be), but most teams are generally hesitant on it. This price is almost assuredly not the price they end up going with. This will undoubtedly go down as he wears down western GMs looking for scoring. No doubt Minnesota and St Louis? Maybe another team we haven't heard of?

Whatever the case, Don has a mere short work day to make a decision on this. As last night's game showed, he clearly can't continue on with the roster looking like it is. We're at the final day. Stay tuned for what happens when the dust settles this afternoon...