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The Milan Lucic Hit Parade: Lucic's Best Bruins Moments

Milan Lucic returns to the TD Garden for the first time tonight. His career in Boston contained many highlight moments. On the occasion of his first step onto TD Garden ice in an opposition jersey, here's a look back at a few of the best - as picked by Chowder. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Milan Lucic is back in Boston tonight. As a member of the 2011 Cup winners, and scorer of 322 points in 566 games in Boston, the big Vancouverite will forever be remembered with affection in Boston (as long as he's not actually facing the Bruins across the red-line. Here are some moments that best show why, in no particular order.

1. WELCOME TO BOSTON, MILAN: Tarnasky v Lucic, Oct 18, 2007

The moment the Garden crowd fell in love with Milan Lucic at first sight. In his first game at the Garden, Lucic destroys the slightly heavier Tarnasky. And a legend is born.

2. LIGHTING THE LAMP: First NHL goal, Oct 12, 2007, v (ironically) LA Kings

The first of many.

3. THROWING THE HATS - First NHL hat-trick,  v Atlanta, 25th October 2008

Jack Edwards, proud surrogate father.

4: SHATTERED: Mike Van Ryn rides the Lucic Express through the plexi, Oct 23rd 2008

Highlight of this clip-Lucic inspecting the wreckage as if to say "Holy crap, was that ME?"

5: SEASON IN THE SUN: 30 Goals in 2010/11

Picking one Lucic goal is often tricky unless it's a major, major milestone. So have 30, instead.

6. BUFFALO HUNTING: Lucic v Ryan Miller, also known as The Night Milan Ruined Buffalo

I would like to place on record that as a Sabres fan I disapprove of this choice. Mainly because it was a root cause of sending the Sabres into a tailspin they've only JUST recovered from.

7. GIVING THE FINGER TO ALEX BURROWS (Game 3, 2011 Stanley Cup Final) Because, as a taunt, you have to admit that this takes some beating.

8. THE LONG WAR: Mike Komisarek, Lucic's Sworn Enemy


Every superhero needs a nemesis. For Lucic, Mike Komisarek did a pretty good job of it. This scrap is the highlight of many.

9. FIVE HOLE ON LUONGO (Game 3, Stanley Cup Final, 2011)


The moment Roberto Luongo realised that this was going to be one, long, painful evening.

10. KING OF THE CITY: (Game 7, 2011 Stanley Cup Final)

Because, as highlights go, you're never going to beat lifting the Stanley Cup in your home town. Ever.