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Crowdsourcing! Islander Fans' Takes on Greiss against Bruins

With Halak out of net for tomorrow's matchup against Boston, the supporters for Brooklyn's team seem to be split on where this leads them heading into the postseason.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When word came from Islanders' coach Jack Capuano that starting goaltender Jaroslav Halak would be out for 6-8 weeks with a lower-body injury, the initial reaction seemed to be frustration and disappointment. An up-and-coming team bound for the playoffs was now significantly hampered. Or so we thought.

But the support for Thomas Greiss, the netminder the Bruins are set to face against tomorrow, is quite favorable. Fans not only believe he's up to the task of taking the team on a postseason run, some believe he's actually the better option.

Obviously, some people were happier to hear the news about Halak than others...

But Islanders fans saw the silver lining in having their back-up Greiss and promising young goaltender Jean-François Bérubé take the brunt of the starts for the rest of the season.

You'lll note, the majority of the positive opinions came before the Islanders went out and proceeded to lose against an AHL team in the Toronto Maple Leafs on Wednesday night.

But overall, our friends over at Lighthouse Hockey have some confidence in Thomas Greiss, even if "faith" isn't the right word for it.

You can read their full breakdown of the Bruins next opponent here.