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Patrice Bergeron has a latte named after him

Today a latte, tomorrow a statue.

Hi-Rise Cafe

Patrice Bergeron already has a Stanley Cup, three Selke Trophies, and two trips to the NHL All-Star Game.

Now, he has a latte named after him, too.

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, Hi-Rise Bread Company, located at 1663 Mass Ave in Cambridge, premiered the "St. Patrice" latte on Monday.

Coffee manager and part-time Chowder contributor Erin Bartuska dreamed up the green tea latte months ago, with a little encouragement and some excited shouting from Sarah Connors and myself. At any other cafe in any other city, maybe this would not have worked out. Luckily, Hi-Rise has a long and loving relationship with hockey.

Cam Neely, who is friendly with Hi-Rise’s owner and a frequent customer, brought the 2011 Stanley Cup to Hi-Rise’s bakery location on Concord Ave. The cafe location features a "Stanley Cup" latte on their fall menu, which is an almond cappuccino with maple syrup. Also concocted by Bartuska, she says it will return to the menu once again this autumn. "We hope the less palatable Stanley Cup will also return to Hi-Rise," she added with a laugh.

(Source: Cynthia Becker)

In contrast, the St. Patrice is an iced drink, perfect to enjoy as Boston welcomes warmer spring temperatures. If you’re expecting a green tea latte reminiscent of Starbucks’, which contains 32 grams of sugar in a grande, you’ve come to the wrong place. The St. Patrice is, appropriately, a perfect balance of pure, grassy green tea flavor and latte smoothness. Hi-Rise’s recipe uses High Lawn Farm whole milk, a splash of half-and-half, a light touch of simple syrup, and Japanese matcha powder from MEM Tea in Watertown. Hi-Rise's menu also features delicious baked goods, breads, sandwiches and a variety of other coffees and teas if you're not a green tea lover.

The St. Patrice costs $4.60 and will be available throughout the month of March, giving its namesake plenty of time to drop in and try one.