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Bruins (39-25-8) at Kings (43-22-5) Preview (Game 73): Once More, Dear Friends!

Admit it, you're excited to watch another one of these! What else are you going to do?

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Allegiant is the third and final movie in the Divergent Trilogy, starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James. After Tris (Woodley) and her companions break out of the enclosure, they find that the outside world is...


You're here for the preview of another Bruins 10 PM slog against a West Coast team that's already once caused people to re-evaluate their contention chances? Are you sure? I mean, yeah, this movie isn't great, but I promise a couple of soft drinks and popcorn can upgrade the experience. Plus, you'll get out of the house! Really, that's what the weekend is supposed to be about. Ask a friend if they'll join you for the latest YA Fiction to hit the big screen!

What? Okay, fine. But really, don't say I didn't warn you.

(exaggerated clearing of throat)

The West Coast part of this four-game trip mercifully comes to an end tonight, likely just in time for a tired Boston Bruins squad that's found itself unable to gain any traction in California. If you watched last night's game, you'll know that "finding themselves unable to gain any traction" is a bit like describing a tsunami as "turning the the jets of the hot tub on for too long." The Bruins lost 4-0, and still are rather pointless on the trip. They're now 3 points back of the Florida Panthers, and still only a point up on the slumping Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Ducks Clippers Rams? Kings come in with a four-point lead on the Anaheim Ducks team that just walloped the Bruins for the second game this season. The Kings are the usual rather formidable heavy-possession team that both plays in the enemy end most of the time and hits said enemies enough to wear them down. The match-up between these two teams earlier this season at TD Garden proved this, as (redacted).

Just The Facts:

Records: Boston Bruins, 39-24-8, 86 Points in 72 Games, 2nd in the Atlantic. Los Angeles Kings, 43-22-5, 91 Points in 70 Games.

Home/Away/L10: Bruins Road: 23-9-3. Kings @ Home: 22-11-2. B's L10: 5-3-2. Kings L10: 7-2-1.

Head-to-Head: grumblegrumble contractually obligated to let you know the Kings defeated the Bruins 9-2 at TD Garden so there it is hope you're happy.

How/When To Watch:

When: Well, there's a matinee at noon...oh, crap, sorry. The hockey game? Tonight - March 19th - 10:30 PM - One More Time!

Where: Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA


Radio: 98.5 The Hub of Sport, KABC 790, Your Dad Yelling Really Loudly At Claude Julien's Image From The Other Room (Probably)

"Enemy" Blog: Jewels From The Crown

Game Notes:

  • Torey Krug still has only three goals. AGAIN, any time that wants to sort of even itself out would be fabulous!
  • The Yellow Kings are led in points by two-way stalwart Anze Kopitar, who's put up 24-40-64 this season with his usual wonderful defensive contributions and drop-dead looks (get it, because people say he looks like a zombie). Impish Tyler Toffoli, who is unilaterally on the fantasy team of the jerk of your league, leads the team in goals with 26. Jeff Carter has an 18-33-51 line on the year, and ol' buddy Milan Lucic is 17-29-46 on the season. Good on you, Milan.
  • Drew Doughty is on this team. Is this the year that he should finally cop that elusive Norris Trophy? Fuck no! I hope Kevan Miller wins a Norris before Doughty and his greasy hair ever get within a country mile of that thing, and I hope I'm in the cold, cold ground long before that happens too!
  • Faced with the embarrassment of riches in having Jake Muzzin, Alec Martinez, and having acquired Luke Schenn to round out the Top 4, Dean Lombardy acquired Rob Scuderi and my only guesses as to why are that he either needed a new paperweight, did so on a dare, or wanted to be able to say "I won a division title after voluntarily acquiring & playing Rob Effing Scuderi" next time all the GMs get together to mock the couple of them that actually acquire useful players off waivers or whatever it is GMs do when they all get together.
  • The Kings have the rest advantage, perhaps needless to say, as they last played in Thursday's 4-3 OT victory over the New York Rangers. So I guess Jonathan Quick will probably start. Get ready for him to leap around, completely frustrating the Bruins for five-sixths of the game, then let in the two worst goals you've ever seen or heard of to Landon Ferraro and the equipment manager.
  • For the Bruins in net, we should now get Tuukka Rask after Jonas Gustavsson managed to, uh, give Tuukka a rest last night in Anaheim. Yeah, that's what he accomplished in sum total. He played a hockey game that Tuukka Rask did not appear in.
  • We have another back-to-back against playoff teams on Wednesday-Thursday and that's kind of terrifying.
  • Marian Gaborik, who isn't the star he once was but is still a cog in the Kings possession-scoring machine, was miss this game.
  • The Kings last three games were the OT win vs. the Rags, and complete demolitions of the Dallas Stars and Chicago Blackhawks. Only the Washington Capitals have more ROW than the Kings (Chicago has as many, 41, and Dallas is one off that pace). It's the ol' reverse-lock, theory, folks: we have 'em right where want 'em, which is rested and in top form.

Never Forget:

This is a pretty good song (which doesn't start until 2:25 of this video -- Wow! Very late! Like this Bruins game!)!


It's another long wait for actual game time, so enjoy shootyhoops or whatever else you're doing with your Saturday. Maybe see a movie!