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World Cup of Hockey jerseys: Ranking each team's new Adidas jersey

The march to the World Cup of Hockey in September began in earnest today with the release of rosters and, more importantly, jerseys.

Where does the new jersey Patrice Bergeron and Co. will wear rank among the eight teams?
Where does the new jersey Patrice Bergeron and Co. will wear rank among the eight teams?
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

I collect hockey jerseys, and have way too many of them. So when I heard the World Cup of Hockey was coming back, "woo! new jerseys" was one of my first thoughts.

This is Adidas' first crack at hockey jerseys, giving fans a glimpse of what to expect when they assume the contract in the near future.

The verdict? They did a pretty good job. Check out the jerseys from all eight teams below, ranked from worst to best, and vote for your favorite at the end.

8. Team Europe (via ESPN)

team europe world cup of hockey jersey

Eh. The tournament's "misfit" team gets a pretty bland jersey. Weird logo, strange two-tone jersey...not awful, but certainly not great.

7. Team Czech Republic (via @Sharks_fanly)

team czech republic world cup of hockey jersey

This jersey certainly isn't bad. I wish the sleeves had a bit more white, and that the crest had more color to it (like the normal Czech crest). I definitely wouldn't mind a Krejci or Pastrnak though.

6. Team Russia (via Sportslogos)

team russia world cup of hockey jersey

Similar to the Czechs, some more color would be nice. Their red jerseys may end up being a little better, but these are kind of bland.

5. Team North America (via icethetics)

team north america world cup of hockey jersey

The other cobbled-together team gets a lot more of an effort from Adidas than Team Europe got. This set has a futuristic-type look to it, perfect for a team of young stars.

4. Team Finland (via @PeteBlackburn)

finland world cup of hockey jersey

This one appears to be a take on their Sochi jersey, just without the rest of the flag-type stripes. I like it. Classic, somewhat old school look with the big letters across the chest. If their white jersey is an inverted version of this, that one could be a beauty too.

3. Team Canada (via Adidas Canada)

Canada world cup of hockey jersey

Love them. Admittedly, the red is a lot better than the white. But both jerseys are modern, without being too over-the-top. Get Brad Marchand on the team, add a #63 to this and wear it proudly.

2. Team USA (via Adidas)

team usa world cup of hockey jersey

A great effort here for the red, white and blue. The blue one incorporates a new, modern crest, while the white one is a take on the beloved 1960's throwbacks recently used in the Olympics and World Juniors.

1. Team Sweden (via Sportslogos)

sweden world cup of hockey jersey

I'm a sucker for Sweden's jerseys. It has to be the colors. Adidas was smart to not mess with perfection, keeping the color scheme and the Tre Kronor logo. The texture on the crowns is an awesome touch.


So...what's your favorite? Don't like any? Shut up and take your money? Have your say by voting and commenting below!